9 comments on “Journal #7 – Shovelling Snow

  1. This is crazy! I know shovelling is hard work but i had no idea you could get injuries doing it. This is a great blog idea especially cause we live in saskatchewan where snow is our companion for majority of the year.

  2. This actually cracked me up! Who knew shoveling could cause potentially serious injuries?! I’ve already been hurt shoveling this year (looks like I’m in for a long winter…) but nothing as serious as you stated above. And been through catching the shovel on something then ramming it into your stomach far too many times already.. Smart idea considering Saskatchewan winter conditions.

  3. This is the perfect blog to show my father. Gives me the perfect excuse to get me out of shovelling the driveway!

    Very informative. The few times I have shovelled the driveway, It’s always my lower back and stomach that hurt. Lower back is from bending over for 30+ minutes. And stomach from the shovel ramming into it.

    Snowblowers are an alternative to reduce injuries but not every snowfall is substantial enough to use it.

    Great post!

  4. I never know that shovelling can cause that many injuries. Before many people tell me that shovel is a good way to diet since it requires more energy to work in the cold weather, however I did suffer pain in my lower back but did not know why. After reading this article, I think that everybody should be more careful when they shovel, especially those that are over 45 0r 50 because after that age, our bones become weaker because of the lack of calcium and thus injuries would be more likely serious.

  5. This is crazy! I never thought about shovelling as being dangerous. After reading your blog I totally get it though. While it’s not something I’ve thought about before, it does make sense.

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